Beauty Basics: My Everyday Make-up

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"Simplicity is key" they say. Whether it be on clothes or make-up, it's always best to have the most basic and essential tools for your everyday use. When you're just going to school or out to the mall with friends, you don't really need to apply too much make-up - as for me, I always skip the bronzer, blush and eye shadow because I want to look more "natural" and I'd like my skin to feel more comfortable. So I made a list of my go-to make-up tools and products for my everyday use

a) I recently bought a 5-brush travel set from Marionnaud which includes a:
        • Powder brush
        • Liquid Foundation brush
        • Eye shadow brush
        • Eye shadow sponge applicator
        • Eyelash and Eyebrow brush
b) An eyelash curler is essential before mascara application to make your eyes pop and open up 

I'm in love with Maybelline's "Baby Skin Pore Eraser" because it's lightweight and it really brightens and smooths my skin, you can wear it with or without foundation; another is "Super Mineral 24" liquid foundation, it's on my list of healthy beauty products together with Human Nature and it has a great coverage on your face. It's actually my first time to purchase a liquid foundation and I'm having no regrets at all. 

I honestly don't use blush and a bronzer because I'm having skin reactions to them plus, I have a tendency of having a break out afterwards even after washing.

On my lazy days, I sometimes skip mascara and eyeliner most especially if I'm only doing errands or if I'm not going to be out for hours. I just learned from my friend that Nichido is a good and affordable make-up brand, and I'm impressed that their liquid eyeliner does not smudge or run even after a long day of wearing it. As for my mascara, Revlon's Lash Potion really gives volume and length to my lashes however, I was not able to buy the waterproof mascara so it smudges under my eyes. (If you're looking for good waterproof mascara brand, I've tried Lancome and it's really waterproof. Just make sure that you're able to remove it using a make-up remover or organic olive oil)

For the lips, it's very important to use a lip balm to moisturize and avoid the chapping of the lips. If you want your lips to look matte though, you can skip the balm. 

With all the lipstick shades that I've tried, Revlon's "Wine With Everything" is my favorite. It's not too dark and not too pale. When I skip the eye products I usually wear this one and apply a darker shade to give color to my face. (I'm using this lip color on my blog portrait!!) And it's long lasting so I don't have to do so many retouches and applications! If I'm in the mood for something shiny and fancy, I use a dab of lip gloss - but it's only optional for me.

I don't have a lot of make-up products and I don't buy expensive products. You can find a lot of great brands in department stores and drugstores. Sometimes the most expensive products are the most harmful to your skin so be careful in choosing the products to buy!  

" Simplicity is key " they say. Whether it be on clothes or make-up, it's always best to have the most basic and essen...