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I bet you guys are wondering about my month-long silence here in my beloved online journal, and I have to apologize for being in a hiatus because (*coughs* get ready for such a lame excuse) I have been busy at work, and I'm still adjusting with my new environment and schedule and as much as I want to write about so many things right now, I just can't find the time to do so. I really really really promise that once I get back on my senses (hopefully, sooner), I'm going to manage my time and get back to regular blogging because seriously, I miss sharing stuff to you guys.

The famous quotation on my header "NON, JE NE REGRETTE RIEN (No, I regret nothing)" is by far, my favorite quotation and my current mantra. Lately, I have been feeling so confused with the things that I'm doing with my life right now, it might not be a secret to you guys because I've been tweeting about how hard adulthood is, and how hard it is to make big decisions myself (and my future). Sometimes I feel like I need to reevaluate my decisions in life, but then I just can't dwell with the negativities that I'm feeling so I'm REALLY TRYING MY BEST to look at the positive side of things right now. Well, I've honestly made silly decisions lately but I don't regret doing those. Yes, those decisions resulted to both the positive and the negative but hey, I can't have everything right? I believe that I'm just facing challenges right now and I sure believe that I can get past through those. I guess you're going to ask me "Why don't you regret doing such things?". I have 5 answers for you guys:

1. I weigh the pros and cons of my choices to prepare myself for the best and the worst.

2. I like taking risks and challenges.
3. I believe that living life half-assed is not living your life at all, if you feel like trying out something then go for it.
4. I might not know where my decisions may lead me, but I know there are lessons to learn afterwards.
5. These lessons are going to build me up as a better person and are going to make me wiser.

That's pretty much about it. I was actually on the verge of breaking down this week, but I thank my friends, parents and good Lord God for giving me strength on such a challenging month. I hope you guys have a great week ahead!! I miss all of you. 

I bet you guys are wondering about my month-long silence here in my beloved online journal, and I have to apologize for being in a hiatus...


  1. Lovin' the new look of your blog, sib! I feel you on so many levels especially when it comes to updating our respective blogs. Hahaha!

    Salvé at INDIE KITTY

    1. Thaks so much, sib! :) Yes, got so many things to do and no time to blog regularly! :( :))

  2. I feel you on how hard adulthood is. No one told us it would be this hard. No one taught us about paying our taxes - which I'm still bitter about! Despite how hard it is though, it's actually kind of fun to figure this out on our own. Sure, it can be frustrating but we can laugh about it after a few days. All this "adult" stuff is helping me know more about myself, which I love! :)

    1. A thing that I realized is that life can't be spoon fed to you. I'm enjoying adulthood and independence so far! Learning the zig-zags of life is a great way to succeed!!