Last Week In A Nutshell #1

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("THIS WEEK IN A NUTSHELL" series is really intended to be posted every Sunday, but since I had such a whacko internet connection, I wasn't able to draft and post this... my bad!!)

Last Monday (November 9th), I turned 21 and I celebrated it in the office - my team was so sweet to surprise my first birthday at work with a delicious Tiramisu cake from Claudette's. I also treated my work girlfriends with some tasty moist cappuccino cakes so basically, the past week was full of sweets, stuffed stomachs and celebration. I needed to increase my calorie burn last week because of the intense food intake that I had almost every single day (I gained 5lbs in 1 week!! CRAZY, RIGHT?!). I returned to doing Yoga for detox, and it's very relaxing most especially on a tough work week. 

Anyway, last week was a pretty busy week for me most especially in doing some preparations for this blog and my social pages. I need to make a concrete time table as to when I'll draft and release posts, and to make it a habit to release at least 2 blog posts a week. Also, I was faced with such a huge decision about something (I don't want to disclose it here) that would entirely affect me, it was a week long of thinking and prayers and I've come to a decision of rejecting something promising. Man, I still haven't adjusted to this "adulting phase" and it's really really tough!!

And oh, I made some no-bake guilt free dark chocolate peanut butter balls last Saturday, and I have to brag about it because they taste like Reese's! I'm pretty proud of it so I promised my mom and some of my friends that I'd make another set for Christmas!! 

How was your week, dear reader? :)

(" THIS WEEK IN A NUTSHELL "  series is really intended to be posted every Sunday, but since I had such a whacko internet co...