Life in Grid [VOL. 4]: Oh, happy days

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July is already nearing to its end, and I have some photo dumps from last month to this month. Can you believe that the 8th month of 2015 is coming? How crazy is that?! Anyway, here are the things that happened to my life in grid:

Watched "Jurassic World" with the bestfriend  - This is the best Jurassic World installment to date! I love how they've incorporated parts of the 1st film to this latest installment of the story.  Plus, Chris Pratt is such a hottie, I can't even but swoon with his heroic acts in the film.

Rainy days, cozy days - I love rainy days and I was so happy that the rainy season started this month! Also, I love how cozy it feels to be wrapped under a blanket and wear a nice pair of socks. 

Hung out with the girlfriends - Last Monday, I hung out with my 2 best girlfriends to catch up after a month long of not seeing each other. We had lunch at Tokyo Cafe (and I'll be doing a blog review soon) and watched Magic Mike XXL.

Lunch at Tokyo Cafe - I never expected that a Japanese restaurant would pull-off Western cuisine! I'm currently doing a blog review so stay tuned!! 

Watched Idina Menzel's concert - (also another blog post to be written) Last month, I watched the concert of one of my favorite Broadway performers of all time, Idina Menzel at the MOA Arena. I really didn't miss it for the world and I swear it was one of the best experiences that I've had as an enthusiast and a performer! I can't wait to share this experience to you guys soon!

Bonding with my cute little pup, Drizzle - After a year of not having a pet, I'm so happy that my parents allowed me to adopt a cute little pup from our neighbor. They can't afford to feed and take care of so many furry little creatures at home, so I pleaded my parents to take care good care of the dog. It's her 2nd month with us, and she's starting to grow big!!

Performed "Part of Your World" & "Defying Gravity" - Last Friday, I was asked by my theatre mentor to launch the Saturday workshops of our musical theatre organization in my high school alma mater. It was such a fulfilling moment for me to perform in front of the pre-school-high school students, and they didn't disappoint me because they sang with me in some parts of my performance! 

Retail Therapy - I've been feeling a little bit out of sorts lately, and I also needed new wardrobe pieces in preparation for employment. 

Casual Days - Lately, I've been feeling so lazy to dress up. I'm starting to fall in love with stylish casual pieces and I've been using this pair of white laced shoes from Payless because they're so versatile and comfy!!

I wish I could share everything on my mind right now, but I'm really busy catching up with stuff lately. Anyway, have a lovely week loves!! <3

July is already nearing to its end, and I have some photo dumps from last month to this month. Can you believe that the 8th month of 2015...