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I always believe that there's more to life than social media. We have always been stuck in this dimension that most of us forget that we have a life to live in that is more real and authentic than the life we project on social media. I must admit that the internet scares me (sometimes), because of making me feel as if I'm obliged to "curate" the things that I do, it bores me to see recurring issues and rants of different people and it limits me to see the beauty of experiencing the real world.

Weekends are the days where I spend the least hours offline and I try to spend them wisely and productively in accomplishing other activities other than endlessly scrolling my phone screen online. I'd like to share to you my life offline, and what I do on chill days:

Catch-up on my journal writing - When I find a hard time thinking about topics to blog about or when I need to release things that bottle-up my emotions and thoughts, I write on my journal. They say that journal writing is a good therapy for people who are stressed and for those who can't express their emotions. It really is a great thing having this buddy around!!

Read a book - Call me crazy, but I'm currently reading 3 books! "ABC's of Hand Lettering", "Vagina Monologues" and "Da Vinci Code" (by the way, Books for the Soul blog series will be back soon!!) . I can't stand finishing a day without reading at least 2 chapters of a book. Reading will always be a part of me that I cannot stay away from. It widens my creativity and imagination which is very helpful in my design and blog work.

Design work (water color typography and illustration)- I usually do this at night when all my creative juices are kicking in. When my materials are not around, I draft my ideas on paper first to keep track and not lose the momentum and that's where I'll start conceptualizing the design and layout when I get home.

Play video games - I may not look like I'm some gamer girl, but trust me, when I press that start button and get engrossed with the game play, I cannot be disturbed. I"m currently finishing "Harvest Moon" on my Nintedo DS Lite and next on my list is to finish "Five Nights At Freddy's" (I'm ready to scream my lungs out....)

How do you spend your life offline? Enjoy life offline, and stay authentic!! 

I always believe that there's more to life than social media . We have always been stuck in this dimension that most of us forget ...


  1. Ahh, I would have to agree -- there is more to life than social media. When traveling, I definitely hate doing "live updates" on social media. Sometimes it's part of the job (especially if I'm covering for something), but when I go out of town on my personal account, I always make it a point to update only when I'm going home (or when I'm at the hotel, resting). But other than that, I'd like to just let everything sink in.

    During my free time, I also love to read, watch movies, people watch, write on my journal, and just be present on conversations. Hehe. :)

    Cheers to having a life offline!

  2. I actually thought of deactivating my social media account just so I can be more productive offline. I couldn't agree more to you that there's more to life than social media. :)

    I like reading books, designing/editing, playing mobile apps.