Make it Happen, 2016

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It's very cliche to say that 2015 has been "a big roller coaster ride" for me because every year is a roller coaster ride. But the past year was something big, a chapter ended and another one started halfway through the year - it was a mixture of sheer joy and utter confusion but hey, I survived such an amazing year!

The past year, I was able to scratch off to of my biggest goals in life: first was to graduate and earn a Bachelor's Degree and second was to be employed with a job related to my field of study. I must admit that in the middle part of the year, I felt so much self-doubt, fear, anxiety and worry. Negative thoughts pulled through as I slowly venture into the reality of being an adult and getting myself out there together with thousands of new graduates competing to earn a slot in the corporate world. Rejections came here and there, but I feel blessed to finally be hired. The first few months were tough (some of you might have seen me rant and vent out over social media), the adjustment period  took so long and there are so many times that I felt like giving up because I was looking for something else. Amidst all these trials, I feel so proud of myself to have been able to achieve two big things in a year

I'm 21, and I'm so far from reaching my big-ass life and long-term goals (financially and experience wise). 2015 might not have turned up the way I imagined it to be, but I know that this year, is going to be something far better for me.. I will stop myself from being stuck with comfort and I will start hustling towards the things that will make my heart leap with joy and satisfaction. 

This year 2016, I won't make so many resolutions but I will focus more on building myself, my dreams and working harder to achieve my long term goals. I will make things right until everything falls into place.  This year, I'm going to make things happen.

Have a great year my loves, and I wish you all the best this 2016! Let's all turn our dreams into a reality this year! 

It's very cliche to say that 2015 has been " a big roller coaster ride " for me because every year is a roller coaster rid...