Five Things Friday [VOL01]: Things I Can't Leave Home Without

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Hello everyone! So I started having this idea of a new blog series called "Five Things Friday" where I'd share a list of five things under a single category. I thought about doing this on busy weeks/days just as long as I don't have to keep this blog on a hiatus. This blog series is intended for you guys to know more about me and of course, I'd like you guys to share your "Five Things" too by commenting below. 

For my first volume, I'll share the five things I can't leave home without. Basically these are the most essential things that I bring when going out, I'd leave everything except for these 5 things:

Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction | Key Holder: Thrifted | Timepiece: Fossil | Roll-on Perfume: Estee Lauder | Wallet: Versace | Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

1. WALLET - I had a first hand experience of accidentally leaving my wallet at home (good thing have a separate purse for my transportation expenses), and my day was a disaster! Never leave the house without a wallet or at least an ATM card! 

2. PHONE - I guess in our generation right now, phones are a very essential part of our everyday lives. It's very important to be in touch with your parents or friends most especially if you're a commuter like me. It's helpful for them to know your whereabouts that day and keeping them on track with what's happening. You'll never know, but as always - be careful!!

3. KEYS - Before, I was too lazy bringing  my house keys with me. But again, another mishap occurred when I got home discovering that my parents left to do some grocery errands at the mall. I literally climbed over our gate and waited for almost 2 hours in the terrace. So much for being such a stubborn kid. 

4. WATCH - For me it's the most staple accessory that I need to wear everyday. My body doesn't feel right without a watch on my wrist. Fun fact: I sometimes don't mind if a watch is working or not, as long as the strap fits the color of my outfit and as long as I'm wearing one, I can function as a complete human being!

5. PERFUME - I don't know why but I'd rather leave my makeup bag behind but my perfume. I really don't like it when I think I smell like the city's smoke and dirt - I have the need to roll-on or put a lot. 

All things said here are based on personal preferences!! What are the five things you can't leave home without?  Have a lovely weekend people. xx

Hello everyone! So I started having this idea of a new blog series called " Five Things Friday " where I'd share a list ...


  1. Its the same for me for the first 4 items. I use to not wear watches, but now i can't live without one. There is no going back!
    I usually swap out perfume for lip balm because i get SUPER dry lips :(

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. A lippie is my 6th most important must have too! :)