My Favorite Phone Apps

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Over a month ago I finally received a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a graduation gift from my aunt. I have been crying for a new phone because it felt like at this age and with my growing interests, I needed something more advanced - I can't take photos of good quality, I can't download apps suitable to my phone OS, etc. IT's such a good thing that I now have a new phone, I don't even need to constantly bring my DSLR wherever I go - it takes 16MP worth of photos, it's user friendly and it's light weight. It's really useful to a multi-tasker like me because of it's multi-window feature, and with a bigger screen, it's easier to read documents and files.

Below the cut are some of my favorite Android apps, and the reasons as to why I love using them:

I use this as my digital journal and planner. In times when I feel so lazy in bringing too many things, I use this in taking down important notes/reminders that day. Also, I am using it as a digital sketch pad - from now on, all cursive fonts used in this blog will be my own handwriting (check out the header photo for this post!) because I want my blog to look more personal and customized.

This is the app that I was looking forward to the most, because I love editing my photos manually. I normally use exposure, contrast, sharpness and temperature adjustments to edit my photos and it's very seldom that I use filters because they're too obvious for filters/presets, I have yet to purchase the "Minimalist Collection", "Contemporary Collection", "Aesthetic Series" and their new "Alchemy Collection" presets; I've seen such beautiful and clean Instagram feeds with these presets.

If there's one social media app that shouldn't be uninstalled in my phone, it would be Instagram. I have always been fond of taking photographs, and it sums up the highlights of my day. I love sharing bits and pieces of my life through pictures that's why this app is very important to me. Also, I love exploring ideas and seeing a little bit of people's lives. 

Being a self-proclaimed bookworm that I am but as a person on a budget, I am kind of dependent on eBooks as of the moment. I look for best-sellers online and download them. It keeps me company most especially on hours of long travels, free times and before sleeping. Of course, paperbacks and hardbound books are the best go-to reads - I promise that when I start making some cash, I'll stop being so cheap and venture into buying real books!!

I've been into fitness for almost a year now, and I'm doing 15-40 minute programs from Blogilates and Fitness Blender. But on busy days and on days where in I'm on a rush, I use this app just to keep me active even for a short period of time. I really recommend this app because it has all the basic yet tiring workouts like jumping jacks, wall-sits, planks, etc. Better keep yourself active, and stop making excuses on a busy day!

That's it! 5 Android apps that are completely useful and easy to use for busy-bees and artsy people like me. I'm not so sure if the last two apps are available for iOS, but if they are - better start trying them out! 

What are your favorite phone apps? xx

Over a month ago I finally received a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge , a graduation gift from my aunt. I have been crying for a new phone beca...


  1. Hi, Denise! I agree with you on #2 about VSCOcam's presets. Those are just to die for!

    Spreading love and peace,
    Salvé at Indie Kitty

    1. Yes! I felt like I've been hiding in a cave without VSCO - it's like Photoshop Lightroom in a phone.