Life in Grid [Vol. 03]: Graduation

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You guys might have noticed that my blog schedule has been really irregular since this year started. Well, it's because since the past 3 months I have been busy finishing school requirements (I'm finally graduating on the 27th!!!!!!) and I kind of neglected this blog because of priorities and what not. But hey, I'm a free bird now and I wish and hope to post regularly here in my online diary. 

So here's a round-up of what happened to me the past few months and weeks: 

1. I directed a 20-minute short film as a final requirement for our Film Production subject. It's titled "Alamat ng Rosas" - a modern twist to the traditional legend. It was so fun working with my production team. Also, we were blessed to work with such great actors! We shot for two days (Day 1: 6am-11:30pm; Day 2: 6am-3am) and we literally needed a lot of rest and sleep but because of such a little time left for editing we needed to finish everything in 2 days. But everything paid off because...

2. We won the "Best in Costume Design" award!! It's not a major award though, but just the feeling of being a part of the Top 10 finalists was overwhelming. The collective efforts of each and everyone in the production team gave way to a wonderful output!

3. Getting broke because of school events that have wardrobe requirements/themes. 

4. A picture of me wearing my uniform for the last time during the Baccalaureate Mass last week. My blouse was filled with messages from my friends, blockmates and batchmates.

5. I saw a lovely Bible verse typography being sold at Papemelroti. It basically sums up my thoughts right now. I think my life starts from scratch after finishing school, I need to make new adjustments with my routines most especially when I get hired, and other thoughts about the future. But I'm quite positive about everything that my life will throw at me. 

6. A wonderful evening at the university with the graduating batch of 2015 during the Baccalaureate Mass. I never knew how much I loved the university until that evening:
  • I can still remember our Freshman Walk and how exciting it felt to officially be a Thomasian.
  • But then the next few years felt normal because of the daily routines in school, the crapload of schoolwork to do during weekends, the lengthy readings that I find unnecessary to read and other things.
  • But now that I've finally exited the Arch of the Centuries, I realized that I'll miss going to school and seeing lovely vintage sites inside. 
7. My 2 bestfriends who have been such awesome sisters, partners, groupmates and girlfriends since 2011. We basically finished strong after all the stressful projects and activities that we have worked with. Words can't explain how much I love these two. '

8. Graduation pictures, memorabilia and my forever unwashed blouse 

9. Caught up with my high school and theatre best friend a week ago. I look young when I'm with her, (cos she's 17 and I'm 20) and we never get any dull moments.

You guys might have noticed that my blog schedule has been really irregular since this year started. Well, it's because since the pas...


  1. Congrats on graduating and yehey for catching up with your high school/theater best friend! How I wish I have a best friend too hehe :)

    1. Thanks, Jhanz! Aww you'll have an amazing one soon!! <3

  2. Congratulations sib!!! Wishing you good luck in the next chapter of your life. Keep us readers posted! ;-)

    Salvé at INDIE KITTY

    1. Thanks, sib!! <3 I will, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!! :)