On Dealing with Blogger's Block

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One of the biggest struggle of being a blogger is regularly writing a content to share. It can be one of the reasons why some bloggers go hiatus, or why their content turns into something a bit more personal - of course, we always want to share something that is worth your time that's why we do our best in researching and finding blog-worthy ideas for you guys to read.

"Blogger's block" (as we call it) is a normal occurrence in a blogger's life. I guess everyone in the creative industry deals with any kinds of "blocks" in their lives, and the best ways to deal with it are to:

1. TAKE A BREAK. There's no need for you to be alarmed when a time comes where you just can't fish out things to blog about. Do not force yourself to write about something that you're unsure of - you may end up having an output that you're less likely proud of. Hit pause. 

2. EXPLORE. Go outside and take photographs, share bits and pieces about your daily routines. Read blogs/articles, but do not go the extent of plagiarizing content - the purpose of reading blogs is for you to get inspirations on what you really want to blog about, what your niche is and what's happening on the blogsphere. Exploring aids you in having  burst of ideas out of the little things around you, like what does seeing a simple flower remind you of, etc.? From there you can start writing next concepts for your blog.

3. HAVE A JOURNAL. In times where you had this eureka moment but you're away from the internet, write your ideas down and try conceptualizing your next blog post. I suggest keeping two different journals for blogging and personal use.

4. MAKE IT SIMPLE AND PERSONAL. If you don't want to put your blogging on hold, try thinking of something simple and personal. It's a lot easier to compose a content that is something personal because you've had a first-hand experience about it. Second, don't push yourself into writing a very fancy post - simpler posts will also attract readers and it is more likely to be relatable. Also, try looking for "_____ tags" in the internet, make sure that it is in your line of interest, and you're not writing it just for the sake of having something to blog about.

These are my personal go-to things when I'm having a blogger's block. It's hard to keep track on great ideas when you're too busy juggling with different things, but these 4 things are really helpful in maintaining a blog. How do you deal with blogger's block?

(Photo By: William Iven ) One of the biggest struggle of being a blogger is regularly writing a content to share. It can be one of the ...


  1. Being on a blogging hiatus helps, too. Make the most of life outside the Internet, and you'll find the strangest inspirations for your next blog post. :)

    P.S. Thank you for adding SCATTERBRAIN to your blogroll!

    1. However, the link was incorrect. Haha! ;)

    2. Whoopsies!! I used "/" instead of a "." in the ".com" part. Sorry! :) Thanks for another tip, Jae! :)

    3. ...but it's still incorrect. Hahaha! The link address looks like this: http://thegoldenpsyche.blogspot.com/gorjaeous.com/blog/ :D

  2. I usually listen to music whenever I can't think of a topic to write about. Works wonders for me! :)

    Salvé at INDIE KITTY

    1. Music is a great avenue to focus and grasp ideas!! Thanks Salve for sharing this! :)

  3. Nice tips! I usually go for a quick run or walk around our area to get some ideas. Hehe! And music too!