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A few weeks ago, I came across a post from Camie about body image issues and insecurities. I have my fair share of insecurities as well and I know that we all have at least one part of our body that we dislike.  It’s natural. However, it’s just sad that the media nowadays have been portraying standards as to what sexy or beautiful is. (Like how sexy women are with thigh gaps and how beautiful women are with perfectly contoured face) But some people have been so influenced by these which leads them to hating their bodies more. They try to change the way they look for the visual pleasure of others but not changing their look because it will make them better inside and outside.
As for me, I’ve dealt with so many insecurities during my teenage years, most especially when I was 15-18 years old wherein I can’t see anything good about my body and I  kept on comparing myself to other girls. When I was in college, I gained a lot of weight and I hated the fact that I can’t wear pants anymore and I felt really ugly. So over a year ago, I stopped complaining and did something to change the way I felt – I worked out and ate healthier. At first I had an egoistic goal, but then I realized that it did not make me feel good on the inside. I learned to accept the fact that I’m not like any other girls out there, and I have to learn on how to love my body. Of course, I’m still having those insecurities most especially on PMS days but now, I’ve been feeling more confident about myself. I can wear fitted clothes without staring in the mirror for a long time and without annoying my mom with a question like “Ma, does this look good on me?” (Of course I now know what’s flattering or not).
We are not born perfect, even if we load ourselves with glutathione or collagen or any beauty/body enhancers, we’ll still be flawed people. But hey, we can’t live our lives feeling discontented with our bodies – like what I’ve commented on Camie’s post, we have to learn on how to embrace our flaws.
Here are some things that I did on my journey to self-acceptance:

 STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS – We are not born alike, we are born different. There are always features/traits that other people have and you don’t, but there are also features/traits that you have and they don’t. Comparing yourself won’t do any good. I used to dream of having those thigh gaps, because I thought I would look good with those but then it was “genetically” impossible for me because my body was built in a different way. I was not born like Anna Kendrick who can sing, dance and act; but I’m happy to have at least 2 of her talents.

LOOK FOR YOUR STRENGTHS & FIND WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT YOU – If you can’t see anything good about you, well it’s time that you search deep within yourself. Knowing your strengths and good traits will help you in feeling good about yourself. It will boost your confidence and your self-esteem. But do not fish for compliments from other people and this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to brag about being so beautiful/gorgeous.

JUST BE YOURSELF - Nothing beats being yourself. You don’t have to change just for the sake of pleasing others. You are unique and embrace that individuality that you have! You may be flawed, but there are so many good things about you that other people see in you. I know a few people who suddenly transform (not in a good way) every time they’re around cute guys just to catch these guys’ attention. You become more likeable if you stay just the way you are, but if you really have a crappy personality it’s time to evaluate yourself.

You guys are beautiful. To close this post, I recommend you watch this video from Anna Akana:

A few weeks ago, I came across a post from Camie about body image issues and insecurities. I have my fair share of insecurities as well...


  1. I can so relate. I am insecure with some parts of myself. Some days I just shrug it, but some... Well, I don't want to say. There are bad days when I just stare and look at myself in the mirror — the way my body looks like. I'm chubby and 5 flat, which makes me look like a Hobbit. Bumawi naman ako sa pagiging cute. HAHA! I also dislike the shape of my nose. Some people are rude enough to say that, "Mas maganda ka sana kung matangos ilong mo." 'Di ba! It made so conscious about my nose ever since.

    But nowadays, I just hold my chin up high and walk the walk, like "werk it gerl" haha! Glad to know that I am not alone in this! :)

    Salvé at INDIE KITTY

    1. When I was young, I get ridiculed by kids my age because of my nose (as well) and when I was in high school, my guy classmates kept on teasing me for having a long chin. There were times when I get home crying to my mom and told her how ugly I was. Thankfully, I came to the point of realization that I shouldn't mind them! :)

      People see the flaws of others to conceal the flaws that they have eh. It's their defense mechanism on insecurity. Believe me, I bet a lot of people go through our dilemma as well! :)